We go on holiday to escape routine


Star ratings are all very well but we do more than tick the boxes in the way conventional resorts and hotels do.


Traditional classifications may hint at excellent service and first-rate facilities but it’s the surprises, together with the spontaneity and sincerity of our team members that inspires so many of our guests to keep coming back.  Since luxury means different things from person to person, we focus on perfecting the priorities, while peppering the environment and your experience with pop-up treats and uplifting moments.

Stay at a conventional resort and before long you’ll know where everything is. That won’t happen at LUX*. We’re in touch with our impromptu side, and we love surprising you with delightful pop-up treats. An ice-cream cart here, a fresh coconut stall over there …


Al fresco dining, private picnics, goodies hidden in gardens … they all reflect our spontaneous side, and a desire to celebrate moments that live long in the memory. Prepare to be surprised.